Experienced Formulation Scientist with doctoral degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Significantly contributed for advancement of projects at various stages of drug product development cycle from conceptualization to proof-of-concept studies in animals that resulted in invention disclosures. Efficient and diligent team worker with proven track record of being problem solving and innovative. Areas of expertise include:

•           Formulation and product development for ocular, transdermal and skin care area.

•           Preformulation and related analytical techniques.

•           In vitro drug release, skin/corneal permeation studies, irritation/toxicity studies

•           In vivo: ocular retention (rabbits), intravitreal injection in rats, blood collection through heart puncture, tumor induction in mice, oral/ocular dosing in rats.

•           Radiolabeling of drug molecule with Tc99m and taking images using gamma camera.

•           SOP and report writing as per GLP compliance

•           Biomaterial i.e. absorbent, contact lens and Intraocular lens

•           Teaching experience in pharmaceutics and hospital pharmacy

•           Serving as board member in working of non-profit organization and scientific journals.


Specialties: Formulation and product development (ocular, transdermal, skin care), Polymeric nanoparticles, in situ gel, pHEMA gel and emulsion based formulation development, excipient interaction and stability study, In vitro and in vivo evaluation of drug products, ocular/skin irritation studies, radiolabeling of small drug molecules, preclinical drug evaluation in rabbits and rats, Franz diffusion cell for skin/corneal permeation studies, SOP and report writing, documentation for regulatory submissions, analytical techniques such as HPLC, UV-Vis, DSC , viscometer, osmometer, DLS, SEM, ERG (Electro retinography), IR camera. Hands on instrument experience for formulation development i.e. high pressure homogenizer, lyophilizer, ultra sonicator, ultra centrifuge, autoclave, gamma sterilization, cold compression etc.


Significant accomplishments:

  • Designed in situ gel formulations for ocular delivery to reduce dosing from 4-5 times daily to 1-2 times.
  • Developed polymeric nanoparticulate drug delivery systems for ocular delivery.
  • Developed 4 nanoparticulate based emulsion/semisolid product for pharmaceutical industry along with its stability analysis.
  • Developed hydrogel based biomaterials to reduce market price i.e. diapers, IOL, contact lenses etc.
  • Optimized various radiolabelling protocols of drugs i.e timolol maleate, sparfloxacin, levofloxacin etc using Tc99m radionuclide.
  • Acquired and studied gamma scintigraphic images using GE gamma camera and Tc labeled drug complex.
  • Evaluated various formulations for in vitro, in vivo and toxicology studies i.e. transcorneal permeation (through goat cornea, human cornea), skin permeation (human skin) using Franz diffusion cells, HET-CAM assay, draize test etc